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12 Duets to help find a cure for Parkinson’s

Tracks with links to lyrics (playing time)

1 | Park You Too (2:53) Eros Bresolin | Julia Jockelson
2 | Break All Chains (4:16) Badhoven | Gerald Ganglbauer
3 | How Will It Be (4:46) Badhoven | Gerald Ganglbauer
4 | When I Look Into Your Eyes (3:41) John Langford | Gisi Steinert
5 | It‘s Always Me (3:58) The Base | Gerald Ganglbauer
6 | Not the River of Mercy (5:00) The Base | Gerald Ganglbauer
7 | Believe in Everything You Do (3:13) Pete Wain | Andy Hitchman
8 | Red Light Blue Light (4:19) Joerg Veselka | Connie Weixler
9 | So Here I Am (4:05) Johnny Schwarzinger | Uli Sajko
10 | Wasn‘t I the One (6:01) Spring and the Land | Gerald Ganglbauer
11 | The More We (2:02) Billy Spakemon | Ray Andrews
12 | The Sound of Parkinson (2:06) Tom Isaacs (live at WPC 2016)

Eros Bresolin and Gerald Ganglbauer perform “Park You Too” on 6 June 2019 at the 5. World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto, Japan

In memory of Tom Isaacs (1968 – 2017)
and Stefan Weber (1946 – 2018)