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German Distributor

Beate Hilker, Distributor

We extend a warm welcome to Beate Hilker from Germany. She starts her volunteer work in September by distributing Parkinsong CDs  near Berlin with German postage of 1,55 € per CD instead of 6,90 € (5,50 € Economy) when posting from Austria to Germany and Switzerland.

That’s a huge saving for buyers on shipping cost to and from Germany and will hopefully boost donations of 15 € for our beautiful CD. Beate’s labour of love is much appreciated. Volunteers in other countries are also more than welcome to join our network.

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Where the Money Goes

Our Album and Your Generosity

Parkinsong Duets is a non-profit project. All monies received from sales and broadcasting go once a year into an account at Parkinsonline (PON) Austria. The board members decide what or whom to support. These Grants will be transparent.

Donations are also welcome
Stmk. Sparkasse
IBAN: AT95 2081 5000 2202 7320

One week after the release date (VÖ: 18. March 2019) already 100 CDs had changed hands, or, in other words € 1.500,00+ were paid into the account in trust (not counting donations, trade and digital album sales). Not a bad start.

Thank you


Parkinsonline (PON) Austria
The friendly Parkinson’s Support Organisation

Spring and the Land

Spring and the Land, Jacques Bush (voc., guit., synths); Marino Acapulco (drums, voc., synths); David Künstner (bass); Klaus Wohlgemuth (guit., voc.); Kurt Bauer: (violin) is a folk-punk band formed in Graz, Austria in 2008, and known for playing an eclectic variety of music. They support Parkinsong Duets with a live recording.

More music videos from Spring and the Land

The Base

The Base, Norbert Wally (Vocals, Guitars), Albrecht Klinger (Vocals, Guitars, Bass), and Karlheinz Miklin jr. (Drums, Percussion, Vocals) are an Indie/Alternative band from Graz, Austria. They supports Parkinsong Duets with two new songs.


Austrian melodic rockband Badhoven (Kurt Christian – vocals, guitars; Mario Pohn – guitars, background vocals, Gerhard Paar – keys, background vocals; Flo Verant – bass; Gerd Sojka – drums, background vocals) was founded in 2001, and support Parkinsong Duets with two songs.

New release: All the World’s a Fake

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