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I have signed up with SoundCloud and Bandcamp (mp3, AIFF formats and more) as well, two other popular music services for “audiophiles and nerds.” Now I believe that we have covered pretty much the entire planet.

Parkinsong Duets is a non-profit project

We don’t keep a Cent. So where goes the money?

How much goes to charity?

Physical Album (Compact Disc)

Your €15.00 make €15.00 when you buy the CD direct, say at a concert, from one of us; or you have bought it online at our Webshop and paid for shipping. If you went to a record store and paid €15.00, both the store and the retailer would have kept a percentage. This means only between €4.00 and €6.00 came through. ATS-Records and Amazon give us more, between €7.00 and €10.00.

Digital Album (Audio Files)

Without a physical body, music costs less, say around €9.00 per album, or €1.00 per individual track, and the music services keep between 10 – 50%.

Account in trust

Credit card sales from this website arrive at Parkinsong’s PayPal business account and €15.00 for each CD (as you paid for shipping) will be transferred into the bank account of Parkinsonline. Sales and commission from ATS-Records as well as their partners will be credited directly into the bank account of Parkinsonline. Cash goes also straight into the bank account of Parkinsonline, where your donations are being held in trust.

Musicgarden – Carmen

Parkinsong Duets, Volume 2
Stattegg 2019


Parkinsong Duets digitally released the fírst Single from its Volume 2, out in 2022, coinciding with the World Parkinson Congress 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

Georges Bizet’s Carmen, performed by Musicgarden in an adaptation by Kurt Strohmeier, with lyrics by Xenia Strunz

Available for Download at cdBaby | YouTube | Amazon | Apple | Spotify and other digital outlets.


Volunteers are welcome

German Distributor

Beate Hilker, Distributor

We extend a warm welcome to Beate Hilker from Germany. She starts her volunteer work in September by distributing Parkinsong CDs  near Berlin with German postage of 1,55 € per CD instead of 6,90 € (5,50 € Economy) when posting from Austria to Germany and Switzerland.

That’s a huge saving for buyers on shipping cost to and from Germany and will hopefully boost donations of 15 € for our beautiful CD. Beate’s labour of love is much appreciated. Volunteers in other countries are also more than welcome to join our network.

Beate Business Cards v2


Steiermärkische Sparkasse
IBAN: AT95 2081 5000 2202 7320

What happens with your money

We keep full transparency and tell you everything that happens with your donations. Towards the end of the 4th quarter 2019, our board will discuss to whom we give the award. Meanwhile, every Cent of your generosity goes into the trust account.

So, if you want to give, order a CD  (jetzt kaufen/buy now to your right), or simply transfer any amount directly into the account above. Thank you very much.


Press Kit

Rottensteiner Promotions
Jürgen Rottensteiner
Lainzer Strasse 11/12
1130 Wien

facebook: jurgen.rottensteiner


Gerald Ganglbauer
Gangan Verlag
Jakobsweg 18
8046 Stattegg-Ursprung

mobile: +43 680 3136961



Reinhard Brunner

Breitenau 7
4591 Molln

phone: +43 7584 2454
mobile: +43 676 6803882
facsimile: +43 7584 2454 24
UID:  ATU22379708



Alexander Tschiggerl
Black Box Sound Tonstudio

Amselweg 20
8046 Stattegg

mobile. +43 664 4926677

Carmen (Bonustrack)

Parkinsong Duets bonus track, performed by Musicgarden
(Kurt Strohmeier and Xenia)

Music by Georges Bizet
Adaptation by Kurt Strohmeier
Lyrics by Xenia Strunz


Cover design by Gerald Ganglbauer
Photography by Werner Kmetitsch from “Carmen” at Opera Graz

Eros Bresolin

Eros-Bresolin-Ewa Maciejczyk - 1
Eros Bresolin | Photo: Ewa Maciejczyk

Help raise money for Parkinson’s and get yourself some great music at the same time. It’s a WIN WIN.

One of the tracks is mine. It is called “Park You Too”. I was approached by Gerald Ganglbauer to see if I would like to include “Park You Too” in this album, but there was one condition.

I had to convert the track to a DUET where one person has Parkinsons and the other doesn’t.

Well I knew which one I was, so I needed to find someone that did not have Parkinsons.

Julia Jockelson came to the rescue and our new version of “Park You Too” was added to the album called “Gerald Ganglbauer’s Parkinsong Duets”.

If you would like to buy this CD [in the UK], please message me.

Thanks for listening.