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Alessandra Fanciulli, MD PhD, Med. Uni. Innsbruck
Early Distinction of Parkinson-Variant Multiple System Atrophy from Parkinson’s Disease

Thomas Foki, MD, Private Med. Uni. Tulln
Individual Cognitive Change After DBS-Surgery in Parkinson’s Disease Patients Using Reliable Change Index Methodology

Nina Homayoon, MD, Med. Uni. Graz
Nigral Iron Deposition in Common Tremor Disorder

Florian Krismer, PhD, Med. Uni. Innsbruck
Morphometric MRI Profiles of Multiple System Atrophy Variants and Implications for Differential Diagnosis

Philipp Mahlknecht, MD PhD, Med. Uni. Innsbruck
Performance of the Movement Disorders Society Criteria for Prodromal Parkinson’s Disease: A Population-Based 10-Year Study

Graz, Austria | February 13, 2020