Eros Bresolin & Julia Jockelson – Park You Too

Parkinsong Award 2020 With Alois Aigner, Christian Lagger, Philipp Mahlknecht and Nina Homayoon. Presented by Gerald Ganglbauer.


32 pages reviews, photos, background and making of Parkinsong Duets and Parkinsong Award, with more to come after World Parkinson Day on April, 11. Thank you Marino Acapulco – drums, voc., synths, Alois Aigner – Graz event, Ray Andrews – vocals, Kurt Bauer – violin, Eros Bresolin – vocals, Reinhard „Bux“ Brunner – mix, label, …

Styrian of the day

Styrian collects for research award “People with Parkinson’s can be rockstars” Gerald Ganglbauer has raised money for a new Parkinson research award with a music album. By Teresa Guggenberger, Kleine Zeitung (English translation) “I have an engine inside of me,” says Gerald Ganglbauer. This engine has been tirelessly volunteering for years for Parkinson’s support. For …