Eros Bresolin & Julia Jockelson – Park You Too

Parkinsong Award 2020

With Alois Aigner, Christian Lagger, Philipp Mahlknecht and Nina Homayoon. Presented by Gerald Ganglbauer.

Playlist Parkinsong

There are sixteen videos so far on this playlist, others are forthcoming.

Joerg Veselka feat. Connie Weixler

“Red Light Blue Light” music by Joerg Veselka, video by Gerhard Unterbrunner, 30 December 2019

Thanks to Gerhard (also a PwP), who made this video clip for Joerg and Connie’s duet.

Not the River Of Mercy

Video: Gerald Ganglbauer, Music: The Base ft. Gerald Ganglbauer

More music videos by The Base

The Base feat. Gerald Ganglbauer

Norbert Wally from The Base and I connected immediately six years ago at a Postgarage Graz concert on January, 19, 2013. It was a late discovery – the Indie band was founded back in 1989, the same year I had left for Australia and lost touch with Graz. So I reviewed their tenth album “Secret Second Thoughts”, and some more new releases since. Singing alongside such a great voice was an honor and a challenge, but fun in the end. I dig this song, because I can fully subscribe to the lyrics, and the tune doesn’t get out of your head. Gerald Ganglbauer

Johnny Schwarzinger feat. Uli Sajko

Johnny Schwarzinger is the bass player and lead singer of Austrian band Catwalk. On Parkinsong Duets he performs a duet with Uli Sajko, who also reads one of her poems in German language.

Pete Wain

Parkinsong Duets: Singer/Songwriter Pete Wain from the United Kingdom performs a duet with Andy Hitchman.

Spring and the Land feat. Gerald Ganglbauer

Filmed on a trip to Vienna across the Semmering some weeks ago in January 2019. I was driving at constant speed, thanks to cruise control. The tunnels had some hypnotic or psychedelic affect on me and suit this song perfectly. Spring and the Land agreed and approved the clip. Gerald Ganglbauer

Recording Session at ATS Records

The making of Parkinsong Duets: With Hardrock band Badhoven in the studio, ATS-Records, January 2019.

More music videos by Badhoven, including a preview of the new album (CD release May 2019): All the World’s a Fake).

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