Parkinsong Duets Vol. 2, performed by Musicgarden
(Kurt Strohmeier and Xenia)

Music by Georges Bizet
Adaptation by Kurt Strohmeier
Lyrics by Xenia Strunz


Have you ever felt that your life
Isn’t going into the direction you want

And your dreams and all your beliefs
They seem to fade away with time

Let them show you what they can teach you
Don’t waste your time with stupid things

Be aware that this life might be short
And maybe ends before you know


Then change … your way … and love … will stay


The only thing you need is trust
And just a little bit of joy and lust

If you not want to fade away
Like washed out colors when they fade to grey

Whenever you feel down then think about the luck you have
And do not hesitate and thank for all the bliss

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