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Stark!Strom – das neue österreichische Rock & Metal Magazin, Wien
04/04/2019, Posting, später auch Review im Printmagazin


Die Presse, Schaufenster, Menschen
09/04/2019 online, 10/04/2019 print

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01/04/20129, Schwarzataler Online
Reichenau an der Rax (NÖ)


03/04/2019, Rockmagazine
Bramberg (Salzburg)


05/04/2019, SOCMAG – Society Magazine
Mitterndorf an der Fischa (NÖ)


04/04/2019, 6 Strigs 25 Frames

Der Grazer

Vojo Radkovic in: Der Grazer, 31.3.2019

After radio interviews in England, Germany and Canada, a first article appeared in Austrian print media, thanks to Vojo Radkovic. Tomorrow,  on Monday, 1.4.2019 Jürgen Rottensteiner, a poet back in the days when we were young, is going to spread the news about our project in a media release.

The Sound of Parkinson

Parkinson song performed by Tom Isaacs
Recorded live by Gerald Ganglbauer at the WPC 2016
Words by Tom Isaacs, music by Richard Rodgers
(Climb Every Mountain, The Sound of Music)

Tom Isaacs.jpg
Tom Isaacs sings at the WPC 2016, Portland, USA

Grow every stem cell
Search every gene
Sequence every Exome
Till you find the key

Misfolded proteins
Clumping in my brain
Please disaggregate my
Alpha synuclein

Drill a hole in my brain
See how deep you can go
Then insert some old tube
Filled with a placebo

I’ve got dysfunctional
Lack of Dopa in my
Basal ganglia

There’s a breakthrough out there,
But there’s one thing I wish
That you give it to us,
Not to rats or to fish

Grow every stem cell
Search every gene
Sequence every Exome
Till you cure Pd


Radio Steiermark

ORF-Radio-Steiermark4. März 2019
Sehr geehrter Herr Ganglbauer, zunächst einmal herzliche Gratulation zu ihrer wegweisenden und vorbildlichen Initiative.
… Interviewtermin fixieren.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Gerhard Koch


Eva Pöttler am Mittwoch, 13.3.2019



radio - 1
Mit Eva Pöttler im ORF Landesstudio Steiermark

Soundafair Radio Show

Presenting Parkinsong Duets on Hörbar – Soundafair,  a German Webradio Station

CD-Vorstellung, ein besonderes Projekt

Donnerstag, 7. März 2019 von 17:30 bis 19:00
Gastgeber: Gisi Steinert

People with Parkinson’s can be Rockstars

Album inside

Parkinsong Duets playlist
Music videos from our bands on YouTube.

Spring and the Land feat. Gerald Ganglbauer (10)
The Base feat. Gerald Ganglbauer (5)
The Base feat. Gerald Ganglbauer (6)
Recording Session with Badhoven (2, 3)
Johnny Schwarzinger feat. Uli Sajko (9)

Album Back

Parkinsong Duets artists
We would like to thank our artists one more time. Their contributions are very much appreciated. Visit their websites and music videos.

Andy Hitchman
Billy Spakemon, Ray Andrews
Connie Weixler
Eros Bresolin
Gerald Ganglbauer
Gisi Steinert
Joerg Veselka
John Langford
Johnny Schwarzinger Johnny Schwarzinger
Julia Jockelson
Pete Wain Pete Wain
Spring and the Land
The Base
Tom Isaacs
Uli Sajko

The Base feat. Gerald Ganglbauer

Norbert Wally from The Base and I connected immediately six years ago at a Postgarage Graz concert on January, 19, 2013. It was a late discovery – the Indie band was founded back in 1989, the same year I had left for Australia and lost touch with Graz. So I reviewed their tenth album “Secret Second Thoughts”, and some more new releases since. Singing alongside such a great voice was an honor and a challenge, but fun in the end. I dig this song, because I can fully subscribe to the lyrics, and the tune doesn’t get out of your head. Gerald Ganglbauer

Johnny Schwarzinger feat. Uli Sajko

Johnny Schwarzinger is the bass player and lead singer of Austrian band Catwalk. On Parkinsong Duets he performs a duet with Uli Sajko, who also reads one of her poems in German language.

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