People with Parkinson’s can be Rockstars

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Parkinsong Duets playlist
Music videos from our bands on YouTube.

Spring and the Land feat. Gerald Ganglbauer (10)
The Base feat. Gerald Ganglbauer (5)
The Base feat. Gerald Ganglbauer (6)
Recording Session with Badhoven (2, 3)
Johnny Schwarzinger feat. Uli Sajko (9)

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Parkinsong Duets artists
We would like to thank our artists one more time. Their contributions are very much appreciated. Visit their websites and music videos.

Andy Hitchman
Billy Spakemon, Ray Andrews
Connie Weixler
Eros Bresolin
Gerald Ganglbauer
Gisi Steinert
Joerg Veselka
John Langford
Johnny Schwarzinger Johnny Schwarzinger
Julia Jockelson
Pete Wain Pete Wain
Spring and the Land
The Base
Tom Isaacs
Uli Sajko

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