Eros Bresolin

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Eros Bresolin | Photo: Ewa Maciejczyk

Help raise money for Parkinson’s and get yourself some great music at the same time. It’s a WIN WIN.

One of the tracks is mine. It is called “Park You Too”. I was approached by Gerald Ganglbauer to see if I would like to include “Park You Too” in this album, but there was one condition.

I had to convert the track to a DUET where one person has Parkinsons and the other doesn’t.

Well I knew which one I was, so I needed to find someone that did not have Parkinsons.

Julia Jockelson came to the rescue and our new version of “Park You Too” was added to the album called “Gerald Ganglbauer’s Parkinsong Duets”.

If you would like to buy this CD [in the UK], please message me.

Thanks for listening.

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