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Styrian collects for research award “People with Parkinson’s can be rockstars”

Gerald Ganglbauer has raised money for a new Parkinson research award with a music album.

By Teresa Guggenberger, Kleine Zeitung (English translation)
Ganglbauer wants to advance Parkinson’s research. Photo: Lucija Novak

“I have an engine inside of me,” says Gerald Ganglbauer. This engine has been tirelessly volunteering for years for Parkinson’s support. For this purpose, the Styrian released the album “Parkinsong Duets” last year. Under the motto: “People with Parkinson’s can be rockstars”, bands like The Base from Graz recorded songs with people with Parkinson’s.

With this project, which Ganglbauer carried out on a voluntary basis, not only Parkinson’s patients should be made visible. The real aim of the Styrian was to collect enough money by selling the album to be able to create an award for Parkinson’s research. And Ganglbauer has succeeded. The album was sold many times. With the net proceeds, the “Parkinsong Award” was now endowed with € 10,000. The research award will be presented for the first time on February 13th in Graz.

The 61-year-old wants to give science an incentive to deal more intensively with the healing of this disease. The motivation for his projects rests in Ganglbauer’s personal dismay. In 2006, the then 48-year-old was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Since then he has founded several self-help groups for Parkinson’s patients, including “Parkinsonline” in Graz. “The meaning of your own life can change at every crossroad”, explains the Styrian his strong commitment.


Gerald Ganglbauer was born in Graz on February 24, 1958. He studied communication science, journalism and media sociology. In 2006 Ganglbauer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Since then, the Styrian has been committed to public awareness and research into the disease.

But Ganglbauer’s commitment goes beyond that. “When you get such a diagnosis, there is a growing need to make people understand how you feel,” he says. That is why Ganglbauer published his autobiography “Ich bin eine Reise” (I am a journey). Behind this and other publications is the desire to give insights into the disease and to draw attention to it.

The Parkinsong Award should not remain the Styrian’s last project. As long as his illness permits, Ganglbauer wants to keep the engine inside of him running and release a second album with duets to finance the award in 2022.


In 2019 Gerald Ganglbauer released the album “Parkinsong Duets”. There are duets that rock musicians have recorded with Parkinson’s patients. The net proceeds will go to the Parkinsong Award.

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