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Parkinsong Duets is a non-profit project. All monies received from sales and broadcasting go once a year into an account at Parkinsonline (PON) Austria. The board members decide what or whom to support. These Grants will be transparent.

Donations are also welcome
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IBAN: AT95 2081 5000 2202 7320

One week after the release date (VÖ: 18. March 2019) already 100 CDs had changed hands, or, in other words € 1.500,00+ were paid into the account in trust (not counting donations, trade and digital album sales). Not a bad start.

Thank you


Parkinsonline (PON) Austria
The friendly Parkinson’s Support Organisation

Gisi Steinert

Gisi Steinert

I met John Langford through our web radio, where I do the breakfast show. He regularly dropped in, I liked his music, and so something like a friendship developed. When Gerald called for duets, I asked John, and he immediately said yes. He had previously done some charity performances and wanted to learn all about Parkinson’s. Last year I even visited him in England and got to know many more local supporters, which was great. I am a committed Parkinson’s Ambassador, and honorary member of Parkinsonline Austria. I sufferer from Pd for twenty-four years myself. Thank you, John, and all the musicians who helped producing this song.
Gisi Steinert, Germany

Uli Sajko

uli - 1
Uli Sajko

Well, by myself I’m singing the whole day long. So I thought that it won’t be a problem and agreed to sing a duet. I learned the words, rehearsed the song.
Sorry! I forgot to explain: I don’t hear very well. In fact I hear very bad. It should become a problem.
Never in my life did I sing so badly as in the studio with Johnny Schwarzinger.
But Johnny? He was so calm, so sure that we will get there eventually.
As a small present I gave him a chapbook with my poems and he liked them and had the idea for me to read one around his song.
Together with his music it became a wonderful mix and I’m very happy and say many thanks to Johnny! He is truly a great singer/songwriter. Uli Sajko

People with Parkinson’s can be Rockstars

Album inside

Parkinsong Duets playlist
Music videos from our bands on YouTube.

Spring and the Land feat. Gerald Ganglbauer (10)
The Base feat. Gerald Ganglbauer (5)
The Base feat. Gerald Ganglbauer (6)
Recording Session with Badhoven (2, 3)
Johnny Schwarzinger feat. Uli Sajko (9)

Album Back

Parkinsong Duets artists
We would like to thank our artists one more time. Their contributions are very much appreciated. Visit their websites and music videos.

Andy Hitchman parkinsons.org.uk
Badhoven badhoven.com
Billy Spakemon, Ray Andrews parkinsons.org.uk
Connie Weixler parkinsonline.at
Eros Bresolin parkinsonsmovement.com
Gerald Ganglbauer parkinsonline.at
Gisi Steinert parkinsonline.at
Joerg Veselka joerg-veselka.com
John Langford johnlangfordmusic.com
Johnny Schwarzinger Johnny Schwarzinger
Julia Jockelson parkinsonsmovement.com
Pete Wain Pete Wain
Spring and the Land springandtheland.com
The Base the-base.at
Tom Isaacs cureparkinsons.org.uk
Uli Sajko parkinsonline.at

The Base feat. Gerald Ganglbauer

Norbert Wally from The Base and I connected immediately six years ago at a Postgarage Graz concert on January, 19, 2013. It was a late discovery – the Indie band was founded back in 1989, the same year I had left for Australia and lost touch with Graz. So I reviewed their tenth album “Secret Second Thoughts”, and some more new releases since. Singing alongside such a great voice was an honor and a challenge, but fun in the end. I dig this song, because I can fully subscribe to the lyrics, and the tune doesn’t get out of your head. Gerald Ganglbauer

Johnny Schwarzinger feat. Uli Sajko

Johnny Schwarzinger is the bass player and lead singer of Austrian band Catwalk. On Parkinsong Duets he performs a duet with Uli Sajko, who also reads one of her poems in German language.

Pete Wain

Parkinsong Duets: Singer/Songwriter Pete Wain from the United Kingdom performs a duet with Andy Hitchman.

Spring and the Land feat. Gerald Ganglbauer

Filmed on a trip to Vienna across the Semmering some weeks ago in January 2019. I was driving at constant speed, thanks to cruise control. The tunnels had some hypnotic or psychedelic affect on me and suit this song perfectly. Spring and the Land agreed and approved the clip. Gerald Ganglbauer

Recording Session at ATS Records

The making of Parkinsong Duets: With Hardrock band Badhoven in the studio, ATS-Records, January 2019.

More music videos by Badhoven, including a preview of the new album (CD release May 2019): All the World’s a Fake).

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